The needs of an entrepreneur

The founder's skills and activities influence the solutions and culture in an organization.

What is productivity?

Productivity is more about defining a vision of a future world than completing tasks. The tasks that you’ve checked off might be the wrong activities.

Accept your fear of failure

Fear of failure often blocks people from doing something that they want to do, but failure is not contrary to success; it’s feedback from a process.

The emergence of creation spaces

By following your interests and giving in to what feels right, you’re now at the cutting edge of knowledge in your industry.

Attitudes towards knowledge

Educational institutions and businesses need to build tools that make it easy to codify tacit knowledge to convey and acquire explicit knowledge.

Get a vocation that brings meaning

Meaningful work that put us in a state of flow and gives us freedom is one of the most important things for a human being. Can we manage to choose a career that makes us fulfilled?

How to find your entrepreneurial values

Seek out and describe the personal preferences, general principles and cultural values that drive you to grow a company.

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