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Culture creation

An organisational culture grows out of ingrained values.

What is entrepreneurial culture? If you are a founder or founders you will automatically establish a culture in your new company. It is the personality of the owner(s) that defines the culture. Personality always reflects values and norms. The first stage of establishing a company defines certain aspects of behaviour from founders like attention to the basics, hands-on management and personal commitment and responsibility.

Why do organisations need to build a culture? A culture will manifest itself no matter what the founders do. However, with conscious attention a culture may develop into a valuable asset. The corporate culture is what your stakeholders will experience – it’s your brand. Corporate culture becomes the personality of the organisation because it contains the values of the company's founders.

How can corporate culture evolve? Corporate culture may be created when founders, owners and leaders are aware that their priorities and behaviour make an imprint on the culture. Company behaviour needs to reflect the story of where the founders come from, what they want to do and how they want to accomplish it.

“Few understand that innovation comes from company culture.” – Marty Neumeier

When is corporate culture established? In a start-up, the headcount is small and therefore it is easy to discuss challenges, agree on what is important and act consistently. In the beginning when companies develop products and services, the corporate culture might not be the first priority. Soon the experiences generated by the services establish a culture in itself.

Do members of an organisation influence the culture? All stakeholders in an organisation are members of the culture. The founders will influence the corporate culture, but a team and its collective philosophy will have a much larger impact on the culture. A single, charismatic leader may make a culture known, but a group of people is needed to establish a culture.

Where does organisational culture flourish? The story of the creation of the company says something about 'where' the founders come from socially and culturally rather than geographically. The region in which a company is established has dominant cultural values that affect the people in the organisation and thereby its corporate culture.

The most interesting thing about being a consultant is that I have ’interacted with different companies and their cultures. My different reactions to foreign cultures might have been fun to watch.

Please tell us a story of your biggest clash with a corporate culture.

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg is a visual communicator and branding consultant. He specialises in building brand strategies and brand identities. Christian has worked with several specializations within visual communication as well as teaching and being an author. Christian now works on his third stint as an entrepreneur.