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Entrepreneurial action

Entrepreneurial actions something else than what is done by traditional companies.

What is entrepreneurial action? Entrepreneurial action, also known as ‘entrepreneuring’ or ‘venturing’ is defined as adventurous, creative or innovative interaction between people running a new type of organisation. Entrepreneurs perform entrepreneurial actions with or for stakeholders such as customers, employees and suppliers with whom they do business.

Why do entrepreneurs do things differently? Business models and working methods that get results become the standard for solving specific tasks. Entrepreneurs establish new solutions to problems through entrepreneurial actions.

How do you do something entrepreneurial? Professionals in established companies tend to do things according to an institutionalised logic that has become beliefs, routines and successful habits that guide unreflective human behaviour. Entrepreneurs have a new way of doing business.

“Embrace what you don’t know, especially in the beginning, because what you don’t know can become your greatest asset. It ensures that you will be doing things absolutely differently from everybody else.” — Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx

When is entrepreneurial action required? Entrepreneurial actions are actions such as starting, investing, expanding or improving offerings of products or services. Entrepreneurial actions have to be done in a new fashion because there is an opportunity worth pursuing.

Who acts entrepreneurially? The individual entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs are people who discover a problem, do research to analyse the problem, propose a solution and then act. The implementation of entrepreneurial actions is all action and not much conscious thinking.

Where do entrepreneurial actions happen? Entrepreneurs are people with a personal biography that operates in an historical business context. At the intersection between society and individuals, entrepreneurs use their existing knowledge and experience to create new actions.

My former colleague Håkon Wium Lie had an idea about making a way for programmers/designers to make separate design style templates to work in parallel with HTML code. He must have performed quite a few entrepreneurial actions to make these style sheets the new tool for designing websites. Have you ever done something in your professional life that was a completely new way of doing things?

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg is a visual communicator and branding consultant. He specialises in building brand strategies and brand identities. Christian has worked with several specializations within visual communication as well as teaching and being an author. Christian now works on his third stint as an entrepreneur.