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Meaningful user experiences

Customers decide on what to use and buy based on valued meanings.

What is the purpose of meaning in a business? If founders have a meaningful purpose, it will encourage the creation of value by being a starting point for innovation. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of meaning for customers and create meaningful services instead of something based on features and price.

Why are entrepreneurs preoccupied with meaning? When founding teams find and create meaning in their venture they get ownership of the purpose. If the start-up means something to all of the founding team personally, they become more committed, motivated and will perform better.

How do you find meaning? If something affects your life beyond mere perception, it provokes emotions and makes your life meaningful. The design process of meaningful customer experience is identifying the business opportunity, creating the new business idea, shaping the experience, defining the meaning and expressing the emotions.
“The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning – to create a product or service to make the world a better place.” – Guy Kawasaki, author, speaker, investor
When does meaning surface in business? Values and meanings are generally consistent, but the meaning of things might change over time in different cultures for some people. The emergence of trends and market demands comes as a result of changes in values and meaning.

Who seeks meaning? Business professionals who are preoccupied with the creation of products and services focus on what people need and what is valuable to them. Customers make their decisions to purchase based on meanings that companies evoke for them through their products and services.

Where do you find meaning? Meaningful experiences for customers are the same experiences that are meaningful to them in a non-commercial context. Meaningful experiences that people value appear to be adaptable. Their importance might be flexible and exact interpretation could vary, but all cultures seem to recognise their meanings.

I find it meaningful when I contribute to someone’s understanding of something because they are motivated by what I create. The meanings that I want others to experience are: wonder, creation and enlightenment. What is meaningful to you as an entrepreneur?

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg is a visual communicator and branding consultant. He specialises in building brand strategies and brand identities. Christian has worked with several specializations within visual communication as well as teaching and being an author. Christian now works on his third stint as an entrepreneur.