Do you have any ideas about who wants to buy from you?

To be able to sell anything you need to keep score on how interested people are.

Stop a person on the street and try to sell him something. Who do you stop? What do you sell him? And how interested is he? Take two: Go out on the street, stop a person and ask him if there is anything that he needs right now.

If any of the people’s problems are something you may contribute to, tell them and ask how much a solution like that is worth to them. People generally believe that sales are something that someone does to someone else. They think that sales are when someone interrupts you claiming that he has something that will make you even happier.

Sales are services to solve someone's problems. To be able to do sales properly, you need to start with the problem. A sales lead is when you find someone with a problem and you are the best person to resolve it. Does this mean that you should shape all your services according to what seems to be the most prevalent problem? Or should you master an issue and then try to find someone that needs your services?

“Ninety percent of selling is conviction, and 10 per cent is persuasion” – Shiv Khera

You need to do both – sometimes you have a purpose and it finds a market, at other times, a market opportunity seems to be something you can deliver. Entrepreneurs and salespeople are experts in finding opportunities, and when you have a hit, both on mastery and need, you have a sales lead.

With digital technology, it’s easy to search for prevailing problems and to make a service offer. Do these two activities and start collecting sales leads. Sales leads are interested people in an audience, and now it’s your job to measure how interested they are.

Sales leads measurement is an approximate science that weighs people's interest and how close they might be to buying. Sound sales management makes you know how strongly you should pursue the sales leads.

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg is a visual communicator and branding consultant. He specialises in building brand strategies and brand identities. Christian has worked with several specializations within visual communication as well as teaching and being an author. Christian now works on his third stint as an entrepreneur.