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Innovating service design

There has been an increase in the innovation of services.

What is service design innovation? Entrepreneurs and companies have realised that development of services is the area in which they can most easily gain new customers and retain existing ones. Services have become the focus of massive innovation because consumers are becoming more experienced and it is easier to market towards more narrow market segments .

Why are services becoming more important in positioning companies?Consumers have gained the power of information about products, which has led to fiercer competition on product offerings. High-quality services that are consistent are more difficult to pull off and this is therefore an area where providers may distinguish themselves.

How can entrepreneurs innovate services?Luckily there are a plethora of segments that are still not being served when it comes to quality services. It is important that providers cater to consumers who are quality conscious and who crave new and exciting user experiences.

"The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to call you, doesn't need to talk to you. It just works." – Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

When do users need service experiences?Even if products are your main revenue streams, the actions that your customers do – or are subject to - are in fact services. All the interactions between users and providers are areas for service innovation.

Who innovates services? Copywriters and interaction designers and service managers work with production to create an amalgam of an advertisement and a product experience. Tech people and content producers are collaborating more in making effective, enjoyable services.

What areas need to innovate their services?Consumers have become accustomed to services that make their life simpler and more enjoyable. It makes them expect more sophisticated services. Areas that were earlier regarded as product offerings are redesigned as services, for example having access to a car and using software.

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Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg

Christian Leborg is a visual communicator and branding consultant. He specialises in building brand strategies and brand identities. Christian has worked with several specializations within visual communication as well as teaching and being an author. Christian now works on his third stint as an entrepreneur.