• Corporate identity

    The identity of a corporation is conveyed through messages, look and feel or tone of voice.

  • Needs

    The needs of an entrepreneur are defined by personal problems, general problems and different types of leadership.

  • Product identity

    The identity of products is either self explanatory, feature-oriented or user-focused.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of the entrepreneur is found through personal drive, market demand and the important things in life.

  • Research

    Find out about customer identity and markets through user observation, research and industry watch.

  • Segmentation

    Choose a type of customer that is signified by personal characteristics, sociological type and behavioral specifications.

  • Service identity

    The identity of services is determined by whether they are services that support, services that help or services that merely give service.

  • Trends

    User trends are identified by types of trends, fashion as well as taste, style and philosophy.

  • Values

    The values of the entrepreneur are a synthesis of personal preferences, general principles and cultural values.