How to find your entrepreneurial values

Seek out and describe the personal preferences, general principles and cultural values that drive you to grow a company.

Entrepreneurs solve problems

Problem solving is a creative process to ignite ideas for new products and services.

Personal challenges

When using what is holding you back to move forward, problems become nutrition.

The amount of self-esteem

Self-esteem is a term used to reflect a person's evaluation of his or her own worth.

Are you aware of yourself?

Starting as an entrepreneur ignites the process of self awareness.

Globalisation/ convergence

Globalisation makes for a divergence between values in low-income countries and high-income countries.

Self-expression/ survival culture

Readiness to be an entrepreneur is found in regions that emphasise traditional values.

Traditional cultural values

Traditional values emphasise religiosity and respect for authority.

Your business ideals

Companies state ideals they want their stakeholders to pursue.

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