• Business models

    Define your business idea through a model describing offerings, transactions and processes.

  • Corporate culture

    Find the culture and personality within your organisation and manage it through symbols, rituals, artifacts and leadership.

  • Emotions

    Establish services that cater to emotions through values, needs and different intelligences.

  • Environmental products

    Build environmental products that operate in relation to different climates, enclosures and spaces.

  • Media products

    Publish media products to communicate, teach or entertain.

  • Positioning

    Position your company with a customer promise, either in relation to your competition or through criteria such as availability or specificity or other measurable qualities.

  • Tactile products

    Design products that may be perceived by their interactivity, functionality and structures.

  • User experience

    Provide user experience through expectations of a service, the actual service and the memory of it.

  • User journey

    Map out the user journey with customer criteria, deliverables and the specifications of interaction.