• Customer loyalty

    Brand leadership through customer loyalty based on availability, improvement and/or satisfaction.

  • Experiences

  • Functionality

    Brand touch points are categorised by the object’s functionality, such as permanent fixtures, packaging and/or objects you can wear.

  • Interfaces

    Brand touch points are defined by media interface that are digital, printed or broadcast.

  • Language

    Brand-language communication is defined by semiotics, sound and symbols, as well as grammar.

  • Learning

    Brand-learning communication is conveyed through learning objectives, learning modalities and learning media.

  • Marketing

    Brand leadership through marketing areas includes customer generation, sales processes and delivery and interaction, logistics.

  • Prototyping

    Brand leadership through prototyping is essential to verify the business thesis, change the business idea or learn from failures.

  • Stories

    Brand-story communication is conducted through messages, communication styles and communication media.

  • Traction